Descendants of Louis GUERTIN

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Dennis Guertin
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Aylmer, Quebec
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I cannot (and will not) claim credit for all the work that went into producing this listing; a lot of the details of who/where/when were provided by my many Cousins from Canada, the US, Australia, and even Asia.
I know I can't remember all of you here; certainly each of you has provided something of incalculable value, but just lately I want to remember to thank Joan, Keith, Pascal and Roger de Montréal (Salut!). As always, Ginny and Beth,of whom I think of everytime I buy a Super 7 ticket, have supported us as only true family can.
I insist that you email me if you think you have been unfairly left out of the credits; it'd be a pleasure to be reminded if I've forgotten! ; )
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