Variations Of The Guertin Name

The published version of where the name originated is stated as:
de Querting, commune du départment de la Moselle, formée d'une partie de la Lorraine, canton de Bouzonville.
du guertie, sorte de mesure.

We've noticed many variations in the Guertin family name as it was written down by officialdom in the past 350 years. The early errors were obviously by our ancestors not knowing how to spell, write or read. The Church which kept the birth, baptism, and burial records for the community was a little more literate but errors still occurred.

Other errors arose when Guertin emigrated to (mostly) the US and Francophones had to explain to English-speaking officials how to spell a name they probably couldn't!

At any rate, we welcome them all. I've collected the following examples from my research and others input (nameless but thanked). I haven't searched to see which ones have survived until today, but they may serve to help anyone who one day thinks "Where did I get a name like..."

Frappe D'AbbordGartin
(Given to Sabins greatgrandfather on his arrival in Vermont from Quebec.)
Now, who was it who said this?
Now, who was it who said that?
Gueretin Guersetin
(1667 Census)
(1880 US Census)
Quertin Questra
Yatter Yetta
(All the Yettaws seems to come from Francois Guertin (b 1830) on his move to the US with wife Celia Vivier, or his brother Edouard and Amelia Ratelle both children of Pierre Guertin and Elizabeth Isabelle Cloutier.
1890 Census Banks Township Antrim County Michigan B sheet #10
Banks Township Antrim County State of Mich 1880 census Page 7, Dist 2, numeration dist 31
Actually, Edouard and Amelia Ratelle
Yetter Yetto
(Troy, NY)
Banks Township Antrim County State of Mich 1880 census Page Unknown, Dwelling 49
Actually, Dennis Alford Yettaw and Celia Fontaine

Additions welcomed!