It doesn't even say it's him, but note the headline: "Dance of the Year!" Later, I found this was 1971 by remembering (a great feat for me!) that I knew I'd seen Aynsley Dunbar and found that the truly amazing Planet Of My Dreams site of Charles Ulrich enabled me to work backwards and find Ottawa listed...the lineup is at FZ's Vaudeville Band

...I was very glad I found this because I'd recently been having the creepy feeling I remembered something that hadn't happened! Listening to "Playground Psychotics" I could almost SEE Kaylan and Volman doing the actions while singing the lines "Pull a few handles...And drink a few beers" ( from the equally amazing site of Román García Albertos at . Ha! So I did see them do that! It came back to me, my thinking "Holy Shit!" with the Canadian reference in Magdalena at the show, too.

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